Seo in Perth

What is SEO?

At the very beginning we should define SEO… but is this really a need for it? Since you found this website, you probably now what it is. Well – anyway it would be a good start since our definition of seo might be slightly different than the popular understanding of that term.

The shortest definition would be – Search Engine Optimisation is a part of web development which is focused on improving the results how the content is ranked in organic search of popular search engines. There are many ways to achive that goal, our recipee is simple: optimised website, content and high quality links.

SEO in Perth area

Perth, the heart and capital of Western Australia. Over 2 million people and 166,785 (data from 2013 , source – registered businesses. No wonder, that SEO business in Perth is doing very well. High number of customers results in high number of service providers.

Considering the size and type of the business, it’s easy to notice that SEO companies in Perth region can be divided in three main grups: digital agencies, seo consultants and general web dev companies who also offer seo.

What to choose?

SEO agencies in Perth charge from $1500 for simple, four, five keywords plan a month. What do you get in return? Brand – that’s all. Freelancers and seo consultants charge from $700 a month and around $35-40 to 60-90/ hour. What do you get – more personal approach, better customer service. Whom should you chose then? First of all ask both:

  • how long will it take to get your site where you want?
  • do you need to sign up for a long term plan?
  • what happens if they don’t achive what they promise?
  • what actually do you get for that money (links, social media campaigns etc.)?

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